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4 Methods to Create a Free Business Email Address


Are you still using your old Hotmail account for business emails? Perhaps it’s time to switch to a new professional email address that matches your website’s domain name. This simple shift can have a big impact on your business. Having your own custom business email address shows your customers who you are and what you do, and it has the potential to elevate your brand image and establish you as a professional. By Will Stevens, with contributions from Joanne Dewberry.

What is a professional email address? A professional email address uses your business’s website name after the @ sign (for example: instead of a generic one like or This address can be used for various purposes, including email marketing and customer service.

Why should you use a custom email address? When starting a small business, brand identity is crucial. Branding goes beyond just a logo; it encompasses your values, colors, and overall image. Every aspect of your business’s online presence needs to be carefully considered. Having a custom business email address is an important part of this. Using a generic provider name like Yahoo! may give customers a negative impression. First impressions matter. A custom business email address helps streamline your branding and makes it easier to build trust with your customers.

Your email address in three parts: To create an effective custom business email address, there are three main parts to consider: 1) The username, which identifies a specific person or group. Many businesses use generic identifiers like hello@, support@, info@, or help@. This personalization allows you to create multiple email addresses for different staff members or tasks. 2) The @ sign connects the username to the domain that follows it. 3) The domain name, determined by your email account, host, or client (such as or your unique business domain name).

A domain name is the unique and easily recognizable address that you use to access a website. It comes after www. and represents your online identity. Ideally, your professional email address should include your business domain name. For example, B&Q’s domain name is While it doesn’t include the business name, it’s still quickly identifiable and easy to share.

Four ways to set up a free business email address: If you’re looking to set up a free business email address, here are four options to consider: 1) Use the 123 Reg Website Builder, which offers one free email address on the standard plan and more on the Pro and Pro + SEO plans. 2) Purchase a hosting package from 123 Reg, which includes free business email accounts. 3) Buy a domain name from 123 Reg, which comes with free email forwarding. While it has some limitations, it can save you money when starting out. 4) Purchase Microsoft 365 from 123 Reg, which provides productivity tools and a free custom email address. Additionally, you can use 123 Reg Email Hosting if you don’t own a 123 Reg product that includes a free professional email address.

How to set up your 123 Reg business email address: If you have a 123 Reg product with a free email address or are using 123 Reg Email Hosting, you can set up your account through your Control Panel. Simply navigate to the Email section, select Manage email, click Create, and choose Mailbox. From there, you can create your business email address by selecting the desired username, domain, and password. Full instructions can be found here.

Six reasons you need a professional custom business email address: Switching to a custom business email address not only improves your branding, but also boosts credibility and professionalism. Here are six reasons why it’s essential: 1) Builds trust by giving customers an idea of who you are and why you’re contacting them. 2) Increases simplicity by making it easier for customers to contact you and search for your emails. 3) Enhances credibility and brand reputation, showing customers that you’re prepared and trustworthy. 4) Provides consistency, allowing you to maintain the same email address even if you change internet providers. 5) Streamlines your brand by ensuring that all aspects, including your email address, match.


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