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Assist in choosing the upcoming feature for the Aragon App during this Jokerace on Base



• Sep 12, 2023
• 3 min read

This year we launched the Aragon App, an easy-to-use homebase for anyone to launch and participate in a DAO. The no-code App makes it fast and simple to launch a DAO, and over 2,000 DAOs have been created since our launch in March! Now, we’re working on adding more governance models, plug-and-play onchain actions, and smoother ecosystem integrations to take the App to the next level. But we want to hear from you! Tell us what DAOs need in this jokerace run on Base.

We’re busy shipping new updates and working on features, so we need your help to prioritize what we move to the top of our Jira board. We’re asking you to propose your favorite feature or integration to help DAOs run onchain. Winning submissions will split a pool of 1,000 USDC and all voting wallets will split another pool of 1,000 USDC.

We have a full Jira board of ideas, so we want to hear what you want to see built next!

Dive into the details of this upcoming jokerace:

Prompt: propose your favorite feature or integration to help DAOs run onchain more smoothly

We have a long list of ideas, so we need your help to decide what to build next to make DAOs work better. Propose your favorite feature or integration to help run DAOs onchain more smoothly, rally support for it, and if it wins the contest, we’ll build it (unless the Product team vetoes it).

Voting and rewards will all take place on the Base blockchain.


The winning entries split a pool of 1,000 USDC.

All wallets that vote split a pool of 1,000 USDC.

Submission format

Include the following in your submission:

Your dream integration/feature in a sentence.

Why do DAOs need this in a paragraph (up to 500 characters).

Links to any relevant Github repos to help us make this happen.

Your Twitter handle (if you are doxxed).


September 12, 2pm UTC: Submissions open

September 19, 2pm UTC: Submissions close and voting begins

September 26, 2pm UTC: Voting closes and winners are announced

Who can participate

Submissions: Any wallet

Voting: Wallets that have participated in proposals on the Aragon App before September 11.

Need inspiration for your submission? Here are some ideas.

Here are a few ideas of what to submit:

Have a favorite DAO tool that you want to see integrated in the App? Tell us about it and why DAOs need it.

Want a specific EVM chain other than Polygon and Base? Let us know which one and why.

Have an idea for a great governance mechanism? Explain how it works and why DAOs need it.

Want a UX feature for a better App experience? Let us know what it is.

How to connect to Base

You will need to connect to Base to be able to create submissions and cast votes. Here’s how to do that on Metamask:

From the list of blockchain networks, click “Add network.”

Click “Add a network manually.”

Fill in the fields using the information on this page.

Chat with other DAO builders in this Discord channel

Join the conversation! Our community is chatting all things DAO in the #jokerace-support channel in the Aragon Discord.

Not a member yet? Join us!

Submit your feature or integration before 2pm UTC on September 19!

Let us know what your DAO needs! Submit your feature or integration here before 2pm UTC on September 19 for a chance to have it built by our team and win USDC!

Voting begins September 19 and winners will be announced on the 26th. Good luck!

Haven’t used the Aragon App yet? Test it out here:


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