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Beginner’s Guide: Understanding Google Ranking Factors

Beginner’s Guide: Understanding Google Ranking Factors

HTML tags are essential for businesses of all sizes in order to rank well in Google search results. The higher your ranking, the more potential customers you can attract, leading to increased sales. However, Google’s algorithm takes into account numerous factors when determining rankings. While no one fully knows how the algorithm works, there are key factors that contribute to a page’s ranking, which we will explore in this guide. It’s important to note that you should always prioritize your customers and provide them with a user-friendly website that meets their needs. Here are some of the top Google ranking factors and how you can optimize your SEO skills based on this information.

1. Crawlability: Your website must be accessible for Google’s spiders to crawl and gather information for its search results. Ensure that your website can be found through links or by submitting a sitemap through Google Search Console.

2. Technical and Usability Factors: Google considers the technical and usability aspects of a website when ranking pages. These factors include page speed, mobile-friendliness, HTTPS encryption, and non-intrusive pop-ups. Improving these aspects will enhance your page experience score and increase your chances of ranking well.

3. Keywords: Although Google’s algorithm has become more sophisticated, keywords still play a crucial role in rankings. Including relevant keywords in your page’s title, headings, URL, and alt text (for images) signals to Google that your page is related to specific queries. Conducting keyword research and utilizing them appropriately can improve your ranking.

4. Expertise, Authority, and Trust (E-A-T): Demonstrating your expertise and authority on a topic is important for building trust with your audience. Include bios and credentials to show your knowledge and expertise. Trust signals like a physical address, team photos, and contact information can also boost confidence. Incorporating E-A-T signals will help establish trust with users and prevent Google from classifying your website as spammy.

While these are only a few factors among many, following them can greatly enhance your website’s ranking. Keep in mind that SEO is complex and there are no guarantees, so it’s essential to prioritize your customers and create a website that meets their needs.


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