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Exciting Update: Enhanced Rewards, Extended Entertainment, Increased $LOOKS!

Exciting Update: Enhanced Rewards, Extended Entertainment, Increased $LOOKS!

Hey there, fellow crypto explorers! We’ve got some exciting news to share about the LooksRare token ($LOOKS) and its trading rewards. They have been staying busy this bear market with airdrops, raffles, and rewards so it’s time to have a looksie. We promise to keep it light, breezy, and free from those pesky complicated words. So, grab your virtual snorkels, and let’s dive in!

🌟 Say Hello to Protocol Rewards!

The major NFT trading platform is turning up the heat on the rewards game. You see, they have been using a chunk of the fees from their new initiatives (and boy, there have been some wild ones!) to scoop up $LOOKS tokens from the market. So far, they’ve managed to snag a whopping 1,800,000 $LOOKS for the treasure chest. But wait, there’s more!

Starting now, we’re changing the rewards landscape like a boss. Here’s the scoop:

✅ 50% will be used to snatch up $LOOKS from the market (yep, they’re shopaholics). ✅ 10% will be up for grabs as Protocol Rewards (cha-ching!). ✅ 40% will be safely tucked away in the Treasury (because even pirates need a piggy bank).

Looksrare committed to this protocol like your grandma to her secret cookie recipe. Plus, this new setup means our Protocol Rewards will keep growing, maybe even from other chains (wink, wink).

You can leverage Trade $LOOKS on Bybit, or you can spot Buy it on Binance.

🗓️ When’s the $LOOKS Party?

Mark your calendars for October 1st at 9:00 AM (UTC). That’s when the fees will start flowing into Protocol Rewards. It’s like the crypto equivalent of a New Year’s countdown, but with more surprises.

👀 Sneak Peek!

We’re not spilling all the beans just yet, but brace yourselves for some seriously cool stuff. The on-chain gaming adventure has been a blast, and they’re doubling down on it. New products are almost ready to hit the stage, and they’re all set to fatten up those Protocol Rewards.

The LR team is practically bursting with excitement to share these goodies with you. So stay tuned, because the fun is just getting started!

Yesterday, they released a new function where you can create your own raffle. NFT owners can now raffle of their precious JPEGS, and you can win them on very cheap entry prices. For example, you can win this Gold M2 Mutant Ape with an entry cost of 0.012. The raffle will start tomorrow.

👋 Farewell, Trading Rewards

Now, here’s the twist in the plot. Trading Rewards, as we know them, are sailing off into the sunset. The final Trading Rewards hurrah starts on September 30th at 9:00 AM (UTC) and ends on October 1st at 9:00 AM (UTC).

But don’t shed a tear just yet! The $LOOKS tokens that used to be earmarked for Trading Rewards are joining the Treasury party. They’ll be the life of the party, fueling future products and initiatives. Why? Well, those Trading Rewards had their fun, but they caused some hiccups along the way.

🤔 $LOOKS FAQs (Frequently Asked Quirks)

Can you still claim Trading Rewards? Absolutely, champ! You can scoop up any Trading Rewards you’ve already earned.Do marketplace fees still flow into Protocol Rewards? You betcha! No changes there.Can you still earn LOOKS from Protocol Rewards? Of course, amigo! Nothing’s changing on that front.If you’ve committed LOOKS to earn Protocol Rewards, do you need to break a sweat? Nope, you’re good to go. Sit back, relax, and let the LooksRare ecosystem do its magic!

So there you have it, the scoop on LooksRare tokens and trading rewards. It’s a whole lot of fun, a dash of mystery, and a sprinkle of change. Stay tuned for more adventures in the world of LooksRare. Catch you on the flip side, crypto buddies! 🚀💰😄

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