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HomeBusinessIreland's Current Fiscal Predicament: Dealing with 10 Billion Euros

Ireland’s Current Fiscal Predicament: Dealing with 10 Billion Euros


Fifteen years ago, Ireland faced a financial crisis due to a collapsed housing bubble. Now, the country is grappling with the challenge of having too much money. Increased corporate tax revenue, particularly from American tech and pharmaceutical companies, has led to a projected surplus of €10 billion ($10.9 billion) this year, expected to reach €16 billion next year. While Ireland’s low corporate tax rate has attracted multinational organizations and provided financial stability, other countries have been critical. As the government plans its annual budget statement, it must decide what to do with this surplus, including saving for the future, paying off debts, investing in infrastructure or providing tax cuts. However, each option comes with its own challenges and potential backlash. Ireland’s inadequate housing and infrastructure have become significant barriers to economic growth. A suggestion is to allocate the surplus for long-term spending projects based on a national plan, as supported by public opinion polls and the business confederation. However, concerns arise from the government’s inefficiency with large sums of money for major investments. Infrastructure projects in Ireland tend to be delayed and over-budget. Additionally, the uncertainty of future economic conditions makes it challenging to determine how long the surplus will last. A global shift towards a minimum corporate tax rate could impact Ireland’s taxation advantage, and changes in American tax laws or policies could also affect the surplus.


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