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HomeFinanceList of Top 10 Manufacturing Business Ideas Under 10 Lakhs

List of Top 10 Manufacturing Business Ideas Under 10 Lakhs


Many individuals aspire to start their own business, with some preferring a simple venture while others opt for a manufacturing business. Capital is required for any business, and people often wonder if they can start a manufacturing business with their available funds.

In the digital age, new business opportunities are constantly emerging. However, the value of manufacturing businesses remains high. This article presents 10 manufacturing business ideas that can be started with an investment of under 10 lakhs.

10 best manufacturing business ideas under 10 lakhs 

Optical frame manufacturing

The demand for optical frames has been steadily increasing, making manufacturing optical frames a highly profitable business. The process of manufacturing optical frames is simple. Machinery can be imported from countries such as China, costing around Rs 3 lakh to 5 lakh.

The low cost of plastic as a raw material makes the manufacturing process economical. Screws can be added manually or with the help of machines, and the final product can be designed if necessary. The total cost of manufacturing a plastic frame is approximately Rs 150 to 200, including labor charges. The selling price can range from Rs 250 to Rs 300.

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Tissue paper making

Tissue papers are in high demand in various settings such as restaurants, coffee shops, tea stalls, weddings, parties, and food centers. A tissue paper manufacturing machine costs Rs 5 lakh, enabling you to produce tissue papers. The tissue paper-making business has great potential for growth and is one of the best manufacturing business ideas under 10 lakhs.

Packaged drinking water

Starting a packaged drinking water business is another idea that requires less than 10 lakhs of investment. The demand for packaged drinking water is high in residential and commercial areas, as people prefer it for its hygienic qualities. You can manufacture drinking water packages in various sizes, such as 1 liter bottles or cans of 10 to 20 liters.

Making of cell phone cases 

The number of cell phone users is increasing rapidly, leading to a higher demand for cell phone cases. Cell phone cases protect smartphones from scratches and damage. This is a highly profitable business. The cost of manufacturing each plastic case is less than Rs 30, while they can be sold for Rs 150.

Soap and detergent manufacturing

Soaps and detergents are daily essentials, making them ideal products for manufacturing businesses. These products have a consistent demand, although consumers now prefer herbal options over synthetic ones. Manufacturing a good eco-friendly formula can lead to substantial profits in this industry.

Manufacturing of toys

There are various toy manufacturing businesses to choose from, including plastic, stuffed, or wooden toys. Toy making is an art, and if you possess the necessary skills, you can create exceptional toys. The investment in this manufacturing business depends on the type of toys you decide to produce. This is one of the best manufacturing business ideas under 10 lakhs. 

Eco-friendly disposables

The government’s ban on plastic disposals, which harm the environment, has increased the demand for eco-friendly alternatives. Eco-friendly disposables are in high demand at parties, weddings, mobile food vans, and other events. Starting a manufacturing business for eco-friendly disposables is straightforward and can be done with an investment of under 10 lakhs.

Customised jewellery manufacturing

The demand for personalized jewelry is rising rapidly. If you are skilled in jewelry making and have creative ideas, this business opportunity is for you. By fulfilling customers’ requirements and creating exquisite jewelry pieces, you can cater to individual demands and generate substantial profits.

Pet product business

The pet care industry is experiencing significant growth, and pet owners are willing to invest in high-quality products for their beloved animals. You can start a pet food business and produce pet-specific nutritional products. Alternatively, you can manufacture pet toys, grooming products, or other customized gift items. This is also an excellent manufacturing business idea under 10 lakhs.

Women accessories

The women’s accessories business is another promising manufacturing venture. Every woman loves accessories like earrings, bangles, and necklaces. There are numerous designs you can showcase, including stonework, beadwork, and silk thread. Focus on developing unique raw materials and leverage your creativity to create the best jewelry designs for your business.


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