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Praxis Tech and Choise.com Collaborate to Boost Crypto Payment Solutions

Praxis Tech and Choise.com Collaborate to Boost Crypto Payment Solutions

In a strategic move to bolster its crypto services and broaden its global reach, Praxis Tech, a payment orchestration software company, has entered into a partnership with digital banking and crypto earning platform Choise.com.

The partnership comes as Choise.com, established in 2022 through the merger of Crypterium, a prominent crypto app, and Charism, a revolutionary earnings platform, gains momentum in the crypto space.

Operating in over 170 countries, Choise.com is dedicated to simplifying crypto earning for a diverse user base, including those new to the crypto landscape. Its centralized wallet within the CeFi ecosystem facilitates seamless asset management for customers.

The crypto community has long grappled with challenges related to increasing adoption, even for established and licensed platforms like Choise.com. By joining forces with Praxis Tech, Choise.com aims to overcome these obstacles by leveraging Praxis’ robust payment orchestration solution. This will enable merchants associated with Choise.com to efficiently receive payments and manage payouts through a wide array of payment methods.

Austin Kimm, Director of Strategy and Investments at Choise.com, highlighted Choise.com’s commitment to enhancing accessibility for its international clientele. The collaboration will introduce a diverse range of payment methods through the Choise.com wallet, ultimately fostering the adoption of their innovative features.

Renowned for its innovative approach in the payments industry, Praxis mentioned that it has been a trailblazer since its inception in 2014. It recently rebranded from Praxis Cashier to Praxis Tech in 2022 to reflect its expanded product offerings, including Praxis Direct (API) and Hosted Payment Fields (HPF).

The company has been focused on reducing decline ratios and enhancing decline recovery through advanced features like Smart Routing, Background Dynamic Currency Conversion (BDCC), Merchant Initiated Transactions, and more.

Natalie Agopian, Praxis Chief Sales Officer, affirmed their commitment to empowering merchants by providing a variety of payment methods and advanced features to Choise.com. She emphasized the importance of empowering Choise.com and its clients to elevate their CeFi and DeFi ecosystem.

The collaboration with Choise.com marks another stride for Praxis Tech within the crypto sector, following their recent collaboration with Modulus, a prominent US-based architect behind leading crypto exchange platforms.

This move solidifies Praxis Tech’s dedication and extends its influential presence in the global crypto marketplace. Together, Praxis Tech and Choise.com are poised to revolutionize the way crypto transactions are conducted and enhance the accessibility of crypto services to a global audience.

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