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Što je SPAM i kako ga možete blokirati? – Avalon blog

Što je SPAM i kako ga možete blokirati? – Avalon blog

SPAM is used to describe all unwanted messages that a user receives on the Internet. This concept is most commonly used in relation to promotional items sent via email or instant messages. SPAM is generally associated with advertising but is not limited to it. If we have agreed to receive advertising information, such as in the form of a newsletter, such messages will not be considered SPAM.
On many websites, the mere acceptance of website regulations implies that we agree to receive promotional mail. SPAM is often distributed massively, clogs mailboxes, and irritates internet users. How can you effectively fight against it?


SPAM Filters

Special anti-spam filters are used on email servers to prevent the delivery of SPAM messages to personal mailboxes. The filter is not perfect, and it is not easy to intercept and redirect or delete SPAM today.
Senders of unwanted mail do everything they can to transmit their message to as many users as possible.

SPAM is Dangerous

The fact that SPAM messages mostly contain marketing materials is not the worst thing that can happen to the recipient of such messages. By reading such messages, you waste time looking at information and materials you did not want to see, but sometimes the content of SPAM contains links to infected websites. If a user clicks on a link out of curiosity, their computer can be infected with malicious software.

If you are asked to provide confidential information or install an add-on or software from a page you were redirected to by email, you should never do so. It is very likely that spammers in this way want to steal confidential data.

SPAM filters sometimes make mistakes, so our messages can mistakenly be placed in the SPAM folder even though it is a newsletter to our client or a message sent to a friend. One solution is VPS servers, which provide the company with its own IP address, reducing delivery problems.

How to Block SPAM?

The anti-spam filter installed on all our servers performs basic filtering, but some messages can bypass this protection. Additionally, you can block all unwanted messages that are not caught by the filter within your control panel. To do this, log in to the administrative panel, select your hosting package, and log in to cPanel, where you can manage and adjust SPAM filters.

Users can define different options that will enable effective fighting against unwanted messages.

First, you can redirect unwanted mail to another email address, move it to the global junk folder, or simply delete unwanted messages.

Second, you can define the sensitivity of the spam filter – from low to very high. If you choose the “1” option, the filter sensitivity will be high, but it may incorrectly mark or delete regular emails. The higher the selected value, the higher the chance that the filter will miss unwanted mail. We recommend the middle value (5), but each user should adjust it to their needs.

Third, you can choose to delete high-rated SPAM without putting it in the junk folder.

The fourth option is to mark unwanted messages in the mailbox with “SPAM” in the email subject.

In the control panel, under the Spam Filters option, you can create a black and white list. In the first case, you need to specify addresses and domains from which you do not want to receive any messages, and in the second case, you mark safe senders and domains.

The Global Email Filter option is very useful, where you can create your own spam filter in which, for example, you can determine that every email containing a specific keyword is marked as SPAM or immediately deleted. This filter also includes many other options and allows you to create filters according to your own criteria.

You will limit the amount of unwanted mail you receive if you use your email address carefully. If you have to share your email address publicly, for example on a discussion forum or on a classifieds website, always do it in the following format:

This makes it harder for spammers to accidentally find your email address and use it for mass mailings.

If you have problems with unwanted email and want to move your email to Avalon or create your own SPAM filters, make sure to check our offer on our website, as all our packages have SPAM filters and allow additional configuration according to your own criteria.


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