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The Top 7 AI Automation Agency Niches

The Top 7 AI Automation Agency Niches

Today, I will be discussing the top AI automation agency niches that you can target. Rather than just providing random ideas, I will give you real-world examples from projects my agency has successfully completed in these niches. Many people starting an AI automation agency struggle to obtain clients or see results with their current clients. They often believe this is due to their own shortcomings or the quality of their services. However, this is not the case. The real reason for their lack of success lies in their choice of niche. Your niche is the foundation of your business. That’s why I will reveal the best AI automation niches today.

1. Marketing Agencies (SMMA):

Usually, when we approach someone running a Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA), they already possess chatbot-building skills, making it a less ideal industry to target. However, we do work with slightly larger agencies that may not be up-to-date on trends and lack a team for AI integration and chatbot development. Why target agency owners? Well, for a potential client to be a qualified lead, they must meet certain criteria:
– They must have the financial means to pay for the service.
– They must have the ability to implement the tools and achieve positive outcomes.

Let’s examine each of these criteria. Firstly, the ability to pay. A business or individual looking to hire your AI automation services must have the necessary funds to compensate you. An agency that generates $30,000 in monthly revenue is more likely to have the financial capacity to purchase your service. Agencies, by nature, tend to have surplus cash flow compared to tech startups.

Secondly, the ability to implement the tools and achieve good results. Can the prospect successfully integrate the tools you provide? For example, if you approach a large bank like Bank of America and propose implementing a customer service chatbot, it may be highly unlikely that you can close such a deal due to compliance rules and regulations. On the other hand, agency businesses usually have lean teams, enabling them to implement AI tools quickly. Agency owners are also eager to try new strategies to enhance their business. Working with a massive agency that generated over $20 million annually, I had direct access to their CEO for implementing new systems and strategies. Despite being a multimillion-dollar business, the founder was open to integrating new technologies to improve efficiency. Thus, agencies present better opportunities for achieving results with AI automation.

How Can AAA Help Marketing Agencies?

Managing an agency often involves numerous manual processes. In my agency’s experience, we have worked with different types of agencies, including Google Ads agencies. Here are some essential automations you can offer them today:

– Onboarding Automation: Automate the onboarding process by collecting client information, updating CRM statuses, sending Slack notifications, and creating Google Drive folders. This automation saves time and ensures a consistent, professional client experience.

– Lead Qualification: Many agencies receive unqualified leads through website forms or call booking links. To address this, automate the process of filtering out unqualified leads. For example, if a lead doesn’t have the budget to work with the agency, an automated email can be sent, stating that they won’t be able to work together. Only qualified leads will be added to the CRM and booked for calls.

– CRM Management: Enhance CRM functionality by implementing additional automations, such as sending proposals when stages change, automatically updating other necessary software when leads move to the closed stage, and automatically forwarding sales call recordings or notes to the lead CRM account.

– AI Lead Generation Chatbots: Marketing agencies often want to offer their clients more than just a landing page to collect leads. By implementing AI chatbots and lead generation tools, agencies can collect more data than just email addresses and names. This data can help improve customer acquisition and increase lifetime value.

2. eCommerce:

Many individuals focus solely on customer support chatbots, but the eCommerce industry provides an excellent starting point. eCommerce brands prioritize factors such as customer satisfaction scores, stock turnover time, order quantity, and order value – all of which revolve around the checkout process. By approaching eCommerce store owners with the objective of building a chatbot to drive conversions, you can address their pain points. Identify any bottlenecks in their products, such as a lack of information on product pages or unanswered questions in the FAQ section. The goal is to provide a comprehensive customer experience on their website.

How Can AAA Help eCommerce Businesses?

The solution lies in developing a chatbot that can address customer inquiries and provide information about every product in the store. Instead of merely uploading a knowledge base, our chatbot can be trained to offer a wide range of functionalities…


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