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Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas under 15 Lakh to Kickstart Earnings in India Today


There are numerous business ideas available if you have enough capital to invest in your business. However, starting a successful business requires more than just investment. It involves having a good idea, executing it properly, and having a passion for building something.

The most crucial aspect of starting a business is having sufficient capital. If you have enough money to invest, you have plenty of business ideas under Rs 15 lakh.

Top 10 business ideas under 15 lakh

Gadget Shop

The demand for electronic items is continuously growing, and there is no indication that their demand will decrease anytime soon. Opening a quality electronic shop is a great idea, especially for attracting young customers. It is important to sell products both in-store and online, with a knowledgeable team. Starting an electronic business is a great idea with an investment of less than Rs 15 lakh, and with proper planning and execution, it can eventually become an e-commerce portal for better profitability.

Open a Restaurant

Opening a restaurant or coffee shop is one of the most viable business options in today’s market. It is a lucrative business idea with a lot of potential for growth and a good return on investment. Investing in this business and offering high-quality food, exceptional customer support, and an attractive ambiance is essential to outperform your competitors.

Travel Holiday Planning Business

Nowadays, people are becoming more aware and investing in themselves. The number of travelers is increasing significantly, and they are seeking someone who can plan their trips for them. This brings us to the idea of starting a Travel Holiday Planning Business. All you need to do is conduct proper research on different destinations, travel options, booking processes, and customer preferences. You can start this business with an investment of less than Rs 15 lakh, without formal education or the need for office premises.  

Catering Business

Another thriving business that can be started with Rs 15 lakh is a catering business. Regardless of the occasion, food is always a key element. If you can serve delicious food, it won’t take long to establish your reputation in the market.

All you need is a strong understanding of food and a skilled cook who can prepare premium quality dishes for your business.

Online Advertisement Business

According to reports, the online advertising business generates around Rs 600 crore in revenue every year. Big brands and companies understand the power of online marketing and are investing significant money to solidify their online presence. Running an advertisement business allows you to work with statistics, graphics, and various tools to provide the brand exposure it needs.

Online advertising allows you to reach people worldwide through digital platforms and is a perfect way to enhance brand image.

Franchise Business

Investing in a franchise business is one of the best ideas as it allows you to use a company’s strong brand presence. You simply need to invest in a franchise business with a proven track record. You can leverage an established business model and benefit from ongoing support and marketing efforts.

Start a fitness center

People nowadays are becoming increasingly conscious about their fitness and are willing to try anything to stay healthy. The COVID pandemic has emphasized the importance of a healthy body, leading many people to join fitness centers. 

This indicates that the fitness center business is flourishing in India and is one of the best business opportunities to invest in. You can start a fitness center with an investment of less than Rs 15 lakh and earn a good income from it.

Photography and Videography

Photography is not just a passion, but also a great business idea. If you love taking pictures and want to monetize your photography skills, starting a photography and videography studio is a perfect business idea.

Offer your professional services for parties, weddings, and other corporate events. Invest in high-quality equipment, build a portfolio, and attract more clients.

Health Food Store

The demand for healthy food is rapidly growing, as people now prefer organic and natural products, including fresh produce, dietary supplements, and gluten-free options. People have realized the importance of healthy eating, so opening a health food store where you provide healthy and hygienic food to customers is a great business idea.

Home Decor and Furnishings

People have become very particular about how their homes look. Many people hire professional home decor and furnishing companies that offer a range of products. If you have a creative flair, starting a home decor and furnishings business is a great opportunity. You can offer affordable stylish products like furniture, lighting, rugs, and other decorative items to clients who are willing to pay for them.


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